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Hi, this is my another issue. why 2 of my door showing the same door number, even though one is an interior door and another one is exterior door? any suggestions?

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    • By ChiefChris1
      I bet this has been discussed quite a bit....but it not, here goes. 

      HOW does CA order the items in a schedule?? 
      And, is there a way to reset the schedule numbers so they make sense on the plan?
      I don't want to do the schedule - to - text function because then the doors/windows etc aren't linked to the schedule anymore and do not update if they are changed. 

      But, how do the number/labels on the schedule generate in reference to the plan?  Most recently, door #1 is on floor #2, then door #2 is on 1st floor...and it just jumps all over.  I see no reason or apparent function as to which items are numbered in which order when using the schedule tools