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I have a client who hired me to finish his plan that he did in home designer(not something I normally do but he was close and I didn't have to commute) anyway, when I print the line weights are huge only on the floor plan.  All my other sheets come out just fine.  Can't figure out why this sheet is having so much difficulty.  My text looks fine but all other line weights and line  types are off.

Atkinson NFP.pdf

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    • By LeeDrafter
      Lines in my plan views are printing too dark/thick from layout view. Elevations and CAD details are printing fine, but there is something wrong with the line weight in plans views. Other files are printing fine, so I must have accidentally changed a setting in this one drawing/layout file at some point. I know it is probably something easy to fix, but I have been trying for a while now and need help! I am working in X9. Plan and layout files and printed pdf of the layout are attached below. Thanks for your help!
      LOT 23 SPRING
      LOT 23 SPRING CREEK LETTER 5-23.pdf
    • By SNestor
      Ok...I'm still messing around with line weights, layersets and elevations.  
      Perry stated that he controls all line weights via a specific layerset...ok, that's what I've done.  I created a specific layerset for "Elevations".  I specifically edited all the weight to be in the range I want them.  However, "patterns" related to materials (brick, roofing, siding) are not controlled by layersets.  These have to be edited in the specific material DBX.  However, I did that...but it doesn't really change the line weight (with color off).  At least for me it didn't.   
      I've attached two pics.  The first is the view I get in layout...heavy lines...kine of blurry, which I gather is ok because it does clear up when I print to PDF.  I've also attached the PDF printout of the elevation from layout.  
      - I'd like to know how to make the lines of the FRIEZE thicker/bolder.  How do you do that?  
      - How do you control the edge line weight of the roof planes?  Is it the weight you assign to the "roof planes" layer in the layerset that controls this?  
      - Patterns...those lines controlled by materials.  I have no idea how to control the color or weight when you turn color off.  
      I sent the view to layout using "Live View"...update on demand.
      Any tips or clues would be greatly appreciated.
    • By SNestor
      Regarding elevations sent to layout.  What controls the line weight (in vector view) of the line patterns that create the siding, brick or stone, roofing...etc.  How do you control the color of these items...and the weight.  
      Do these items have a specific layer assigned to them...or, do you define these properties in the material dialogue box?  Therefore...once you define a material...the line weight for the material (such as roofing) is fixed...and cannot be changed?  
      I typically send my elevation views to layout using vector views...and I know I can control line weights via the specific layer set...but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to control the lines for materials.  
    • By AndyGump
      When I export a line drawing from Chief to a DWG file and open it up in any Cad program other than Chief there is no weight to the lines.
      Anyone else experience this?
      Here is a typical DWG. from Chief.
      If for some reason this is a bug in Chief I am seriously going to consider going to another program.
      Thank you.
      Riser and wall practice, rev