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I keep having these simple problems pop up.  I tried everything I can to figure it out, but I'm stumped! On my project, the Owner decided he wanted the detached storage / garage building to have an alternate roof for me to price. A simple "A" at 2/12 pitch. To keep from having to screw with the finished plan, I opened a new blank plan and just drew it all over, using the wall definitions I imported from my completed plan. I need a 132 wall height, (I changed it to 120 to see if that had anything to do with it, but it didn't) roof build with trusses. just one big room 25'X25'. I set up the structure, but for some reason it keeps added ceiling joist?   I don't have ceiling over the room checked, I even deleted ceiling materials in the edit ceiling menu, but it keeps building the ceiling joist. I looked at all the check boxes and I'm so frustrated with such a simple thing and I can't figure it out? The plan is posted look for it between the snips (for some reason) 

stor bldg dbx.PNG

stor bldg.PNG



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I don't have a clue what in the world is going on.  I did a cross section camera, and the roof height seemed too high, so I went back and checked the room DBX, and set it back to 132".  I opened another cross section camera, and the wall heights still seemed too high so I pulled a dimension, and BAM!?!?! The measurement I took shows the walls are actually over 18' tall, but the room dbx shows the height I put in the structure tab, is at 132" (11') Is this a technical issue I need to send to TS?

Something isn't right.PNG

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On ‎10‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 7:08 PM, solver said:


Edit>Delete Objects


Deleting will ask if you want to turn it off.


Turn on/off in the Build Framing dialog.

Thanks Eric.   I don't usually build framing until I think I'm completely through with the project and won't need to make major changes. Since this was one of those times (simple storage/garage building) I went into framing mode.  I still don't know how the auto-framing got turned on in the first place and thought it would be a simple button to turn it off instead of deleting. But its all good now

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