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Hello- I am trying to follow the Chic Cottage training videos. I was doing well until the building 1 1/2 story roof. When I build the roof 3 sides are building fine with the gable but the 4 side is building 3 times higher then the other 3 sides. I have tried to manually add the gable multiple times but it just keeps building with a very tall attic floor. Any suggestions? I have been trying for hours and follow the instructions exactly but keep getting the same result. If anyone could help me or edit this so it matches up with the roofs on the Chic Cottage I would be so greatful!!! 

Tunney Cottage - Current.plan

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    • By OldCKD
      I am currently working with a custom home builder on a big remodel project; I do primarily interior work - kitchens, baths etc.and will be designing the kitchen and 3 baths in this home located in the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod.
      I am fairly facile with Chief but this particular project is going to require whole house drawings with some exterior renovations, addition of dormers, etc. and will need detailed construction drawings plus plans and elevations suitable to submit for permits. Some of these renovations will impact areas I will be re-designing. 
      I would attempt it to do it but it will take me far too long - I am far too slow at it and I am slammed with other projects anyways. Would love to find someone local to partner with on this project and probably lots more in the future both with him and with my own projects.
      Person must be local enough to come do the complete measure + as-built and then incorporate ideas into a conceptual plan - but the builder has CA so any subsequent work can be emailed - and of course, I have it too
      Time is of the essence as this home is in a gated community where remodeling is only allowed to take place from Sept-May - and clients want to be in next summer (!)
      Please email me at if you are 1) interested and 2) fit these requirements, thank you!
    • By Designers_Edge
      Before I posted to the Forum, I have watched video tutorials, read the Chief Help Manuals, searched the Chief Architect Help and support site to try to work this out on my own.  I even downloaded some of Chief's sample plans to explore roof and wall settings for solutions.  I'm still struggling.
      Here's my problem, I am working on a master bedroom/bath in a 100+ year old home in Portland.  As is the case with these homes, previous owners have done additions over the years.  In this case, definitely not to code.  The bedroom is in the attic, so there is a sloping ceiling plane to kneewalls.  I have successfully gotten everything done in the as-built with one exception:   I am having major problems attempting to put in the not to code shed dormer that houses a tiny sink and toilet.  You will see in the photos that  someone along the way also stuck a shower in the opposite corner of the bedroom and surrounded it with a partition wall made of glass doors.  So, it's a mess.  It will be gutted, but I will still be left with this shed dormer in that wall as part of this remodel due to the budget.  Ceiling Height in bedroom: 96", in bath 84".  The roof pitch is 9 1/2 in 12.  That setting was needed to get the knee wall height at the existing 44 1/2" height.
      I am hoping that I haven't jumped the gun on doing all of the interior walls etc and saving this dormer for the last.  That may be my problem.  I guess if that's the case, perhaps I can add a 3rd floor and but I will still need to follow someone's helpful suggestion on accomplishing this dormer in the knee wall. 
      I have attached the jpegs.  I attempted to upload the plan as a DWG, but was not permitted to do so.
      Thanks so much for your help with this.  Sharon