Brick Steps w/ Brick Wall that Follows Stairs


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I'm trying to add a brick guardrail or half wall to the outside of these exterior brick stairs with a 3" concrete cap. Kind of like the attached picture but I've got a landing in the mix. I've tried a standard railing that follows the stairs but when I select it as a solid railing that follows stairs, the railing just seems to disappear. How would I go about making this guard rail with concrete cap and have all the surrounding brick look smooth? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Untitled 3.jpg

387 Kimberly Ave - Concept #2.plan


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Will I got it working by adding a foundation wall below the stairs and manually changing the wall heights in elevation view, then added a molding poly line for the concrete cap. Solid Railings on stairs is definitely not working correctly or at least not the way I expect the function to work.

Untitled 5.jpg

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