Placing objects on shelves in open cabinets


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It's a small thing but it made me happy.

When I've had to do this in the past it's always been a PIA forcing books onto shelves, gets worse if you need to mix in nick nacks, vases, hummels (I know an awful hummel joke BTW)...worse still when the cabinets change or move.

So I have one now and was dreading getting them all in. 

So I opened my symbol template plan (4 walls, cabinets are set to blank faces with zero inch separations, has a camera that doesn't show the room or walls; and a couple of backclipped sections)

Started to drop in some books and such. I did two rows that match the current cabinet shelf spacing. Maybe should have done one but will see. Saved the plan.

Then converted those to a molding symbol with an origin offset that forced them into the cabinet.

Tried adding them to the cabinet dbx in the moldings-not so good. So just put in a molding line, added the symbol, then added another row with a vertical offset.  Presto 4 rows of books with some random spacing. Copy elsewhere as needed.

Changing to a run of nick nacks instead is as easy using replace from library in the original saved plan, new symbol, yadaydadda.

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