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I'm trying to get a 10ft ridge on the roof of the family room at a minimum it can be 8ft. I want the front and back part of the roof a 10 on 12, and the sides can be to whatever it comes out to be. I can't make the pitch connect to make the top of the roof.


I'm also trying to make the left side of the porch a 2 1/2 on 12 and combine it to the existing roof, which is a 4 on 12. I cant get the existing roof and porch to combine correctly, if that's even possible.


Last question. As you can see from the picture I shared, I'm having trouble with front 4 on 12 and back 4 on 12 of the existing house combining to make a gable wall. I'm not even sure where the front roof point is starting off from... its just all open.


Any advise on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated!! I've attached a file and a picture.


Brent summers p.jpg

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Make sure the file you are zipping in not open in Chief. Your zip is empty.


You might also tell us what's going on with the plan. If it's an existing structure -- images of it? Are you remodeling -- adding on etc.

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Its an addition.

To the existing home, I'm adding on to the back of the house a Master closet, Master bath, Master bedroom, and an office and a small room next to the office. When looking at the blue prints zip file you'll see "existing home". In the front of the house I'm adding a wrap around porch, a family room, and half bath. I don't have pictures of the existing house because I drew the prints based off notes taken down from the owner. I have CAx6 just incase you weren't able to see it on my signature. I've had the program for a couple of years, but haven't had to use it much to this detail.

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22 minutes ago, solver said:

Make sure the file you are zipping in not open in Chief. Your zip is empty.


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Hopefully this one works. Please let me know if not.


All the back portion of the house is on pillars, this includes the "existing house" and the back right portion of the house consisting of the "master bath" and master closet". These are the only 2 existing structures currently on the property.


We're planning to combine the 2 existing structures with an addition of the "master bedroom", "office", and another room labeled "master bedroom", which will also be on pillars because the owner wants it all leveled.


The front addition to the house consisting of the wrap around porch, "family room", "Half bath", and a walk way will be on cement, NOT pillars. 


The celling height in the existing house (which is on pillars) will extend out to the addition (which will not be on pillars), so we have to have 9ft walls in the addition and 8ft walls in the existing portion.    

1 Brent Summers.plan

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