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  1. thank you, just watched a video on YouTube that explained it. thank you.
  2. Thank you everyone for the help. I got it.
  3. Will do this once I get a chance. I had specified that the room shouldn’t have a ceiling but it did that instead. I don’t know why.
  4. Sorry it 's taking me awhile to reply back, I'm at work.
  5. Wanting to do this on a wrap around porch. But don’t know how to get the rafters to be seen.I turned the ceiling off and just shows plywood on the underside.
  6. I went ahead and looked up on the training videos and I found the answer I was looking for. Thank y’all
  7. What the measurement of the frame building would be. Just what 2x4 wall to 2x4 wall would be and not sheet rock to sheet rock or siding into first wall inside.
  8. Just wondering how would I get only the measurements of the building and not tyvek paper, sheet rock, plywood, etc?
  9. Does anyone else have problems with the layout side of the blueprints? It seems like every time I make a set of blueprints, print them then come back to them like a month later my main page is gone front, back, side elevation, electrical and foundation are also gone. The only thing that stays is floor plan it’s self and when I go to the main page and click on foundation or electrical it just gives me the floor plan all over again.
  10. thank you everyone for the help. I was able to get the plan working.
  11. Also, how am I supposed to start using chief again? it keeps telling me that; The file "C:\Users\josafat\Desktop\Brent Summers.plan" appears to be locked. This could be the result of another user or program using the file. This may also result from having insufficient security privileges to access this file.