Shower Wall at 45 degrees to Interior Wall troubles


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I'm sure that this is User Error, but I've watched several times and still can't fix this.


I've tried reversing the wall layers & redrawing using the old Glass Poly Solid on a Half Wall. Each time I have similar results. That 45-degree edge looks awful! Sorry the zip file took the 25 mb and left no room for little pix.

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12 minutes ago, Cheryl_C_Crane said:

Eric, How did you do this? A poly solid of drywall?




I used a Room Divider (in red)at the end of each wall to keep them from merging.




Then a solid to fill in the corner.



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The problem is the crown in the shower. It sees the end of the wall and wants to turn 90 degrees.


You can use a Room Molding Polyline in the shower and edit it so it's correct.


eric 2 shows this method.


eric 1 shows a single Room Molding Polyline extended into both rooms.


I also cleaned up the solid shape just a bit and relocated the invisible walls to the intersection of the 2 walls.

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Thanks, Again, Eric.


It looks like 2 separate molding lines are needed: 1 for the Base and 1 for the crown. I futzed with the little p-solid earlier and noticed that the invisible wall lines will actually move about a 32nd if you have to pull back an Interior 4 and then bring it forward again. Like you, I had to move the invisible walls several times while trying to align the p-solid. So much for a quick work-around by saving to the Library.

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