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2 hours ago, wallyderf1 said:

How do you isolate an existing drawn roof and still modify others.


Same as you do on Tuesdays...unless it Wednesday...in which case you have to do it like we do on Thursdays.  Just don’t expect the same results twice.  

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    • By trevannguyen
      pls help, how would i do different roof heights properly to match the example in the book? the roof circled is currently part of the attic but it needs to be flush with the rest of the roof.

    • By sascea
      Hello - 
      How do I build this awning to fit under the floor system of the room above without it removing my walls and everything? I could just patch this with a polyline solid but.. I'm guessing I'm missing the setting to click for this roof to be built here without it tearing down my wall above.

    • By JLU_Design
      Does someone know why when I click to turn off the Eave Fascia it also turns off the Gable Fascia?
      I would like to turn off the Eave Fascia and leave the Gable Fascia on.

      It would seem that because they both have a check box it would be possible to deselect one without affecting the other.
      I'm on x14 now. Just upgraded, but I don't think that's the reason for the issue.
    • By ChristinaW
      Hello, I'm trying to fix the  gable roof end conditions and a shed roof dormer.
      The house is a 2 story with an unfinished attic.  Part of the attic will be converted into livable space.
      I created the roof on the second floor so that the ridge height is set.
      I used a polyline and cut into the roof seen in image #1.
      I NEED the end gable stone  walls to angle towards peak and I wanted to set wood stud framing on the angle wall for the start of the dormer walls. See images above.
      This shouldn't take hours to do and watched multiple videos and it's not working like the videos suggest.
    • By BadgerEngineer
      Hi, I'm working on a six unit townhome with manually drawn roofs. The roof looks great from the outside, but for some reason, the roofs don't appear to have "joined" totally properly, because I can see the roof planes inside the building when I place my camera inside the loft. I've attached screenshots of what the issue looks like. Unfortunately I can't attach the .plan file as it 23 MB and the maximum upload size is 14 MB.
      Thanks in advance!