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Soffit Joint

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This has to have been discussed in length somewhere, but I couldn't find anything. I've got this problem on every plan, so it's either the program or my roof settings. The soffit won't miter accurately. There's alway a small wedge sticking out where a boxed gable soffit meets a boxed eave soffit.



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Is this a frustration share, or do you have a question? :)


If you want help, post a plan demonstrating the problem. 

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Not a frustration share, but rather I was wondering if someone else had a solution to this using Chief's settings. There's been times where I've built my own soffits using ceiling planes, p-solids, or 3d moldings. I've only done this when an accurate rendering has been required by the client. Otherwise I clean it up in layout.

The plan is posted..


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    • By StaceyRamsey1
      I have a problem that I am hoping to get some feedback on Re: soffits. I believe to be a X11 issue.  In my plan, i created open rafters first on attic level with no finished ceiling, the soffits would "glow" with emission. I am a part of Chief so I sent .plan to him to get feedback.  He took the file, put the soffit rafters on the first level and it fixed the problem on his computer.  However, when i did what he instructed on my own software, the soffits would still glow in physically based render with "improve lighting quality" checked, and they are downright black when the improve lighting is not checked.  He informed me it was  likely an X11 issue because he was able to resolve in the newest version.  Is there a work around I can do for this?   I am contracted out through a small construction company and they may not be upgrading to new version; So a work around would be ideal.  Thank you.  See attached files for images of problem.

    • By WhistlerBuilder
      Hi Chiefers,
      I am having a weird issue where the roof framing is being generated out of place. It is also ignoring the option to "Trim Framing To Soffits" option and extending the "I Joist" rafters outside of the walls. I have tried all sorts of things to get this fixed and I cant figure it out. Any suggestions?
      I attached 3 images of the issue and a copy of the top floor / roof in a separate file (original complete file is HUGE)

      Roof Problem.plan
    • By Doug_N
      I have noticed something strange.  Well strange to me, maybe it makes sense but I can't see why.  I want to make a cathedral ceiling,  The eave facia is deeper than the gable fascia and when I look at an overall view this is what I see.  Is there an easy fix for this?  The attached file is just an experimental file that I was using to learn how to control roof and soffit features.  Also to get roof framing to behave without excessive thinning. 

      Test ceiling file.plan
    • By HeartwoodRes
      Hey ChiefTalk, how's everyone doing?
      I'm trying to make a 7' tall frameless shower with a partial ponywall on one side and a curb under the rest, as shown in the attached picture.

      I've successfully created what I want with two different methods:
      1. Creating glass slab half walls at my desired height, then using soffits to create the ponywall and curb under the glass wall
      2. Using a pony wall, where the bottom half is the 6" tall curb and the top half is my 7' tall glass wall
      However, anytime I try to paint a new material onto the soffits (the correct tile finish), the glass wall cuts off half of the soffit, both on the curb and the ponywall (shown in second picture).

      Why would the material painter screw up my soffits? It’s not changing anything structurally, just the appearance of the soffits (Right?). I've been instructed both by the reference manual and other users on this forum to use soffits to create simplistic surfaces like this shower curb, so I'm a bit vexed.
      p.s. While we’re at it, if anyone has a suggestion for a better way to create a frameless glass shower like this, I’m all ears. This is simply the way that I figured out how to do it myself.
    • By Rebecca123
      Hi all,
      This dotted line (highlighted yellow) has been appearing on a few projects that I am working on. I can't seem to get rid of it or even click it! Not sure if it is part of the roof but it is not the depth of the eave so really not sure what it is showing! It seems to follow the roof line but not always...your help would be much appreciated!

      Running Chief Architect Premier X10