Revision Cloud not working in X9 Interiors


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1 hour ago, AmberH2525 said:

For some reason the Revision Cloud not working in X9 Interiors


That's because its not one of the available tools.  I think your best bet is to just draw manually using CAD arcs.  Just draw a series of connected arcs to form a closed polyline.  Once you have your closed polyline you can block it and add to your library for future use.  You might want to create a series of these at different sizes even.  When you drop it back in the plan, you don't really even need to explode the block.  If the callout size is anywhere close to the right size you can just resize the CAD block. 


1 hour ago, AmberH2525 said:

Is there an easy way to do a delta?


I'm going to assume you're referring to a triangular callout.  You can draw that using CAD>Text>Callout.  Just select the triangular shape.

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