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Floor Structure - Ceiling Structure ( How it works)

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Basically, the rules are:

  • Floor Structure is everything above the Rough Ceiling Height
  • Floor Finish is everything above the Floor Structure
  • Ceiling Structure is everything below the Floor Structure (or Roof Structure if there's no floor above)
  • Ceiling Finish is everything below the Ceiling Structure

These things can be set in Defaults -> Floor/Ceiling Platform before creating rooms and can also be changed on an Individual Room Basis.

For the 1st Floor, it will depend on the type of foundation and if you have a slab or framed floor.  Upper Floors will need to be specified with framing depths as needed.


In some cases Chief may ignore the Ceiling Structure if there's a Floor or Roof above, so in those cases you need to put anything extra in the Ceiling Finish.


Note that Ceilings will frame so this is a better way of creating a "Furred Down Ceiling" than using Soffits.


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