Cannot get custom counter tops to go over laundry machines


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Hello all, fairly new user, and I have searched through the videos and forum threads to see if my problem already exists... no luck on how to fix this so far. I cannot get my counters to sit over my machines in the plan, only under them. I have changed floor to counter heights in the dialog box and tried the "view draw order edit tools" toggle for all items separately. Can anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong? I've attached a view. As you can see, the counter is running under everything. Thanking you in advance!


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Thank you, solver, but that doesn't work for me. I've reduced their size, I've tried the draw order tools, still always falls below. I am using the "bring forward" "send back" buttons (attached image). Is there something I am missing? Repeated attempts... nothing. 


And thanks on the tip _ i'll add a photo and location soon :)


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1 minute ago, GDChief said:

thanks Alaskan_son, i attached it above in my original post. Are you able to help? For reference, I put everything in the room first, then added the counter last. 



I was referring to the actual plan file and not a screen shot.  Anyway, that may all be a mot point as it appears you may be using one of the Home Designer products which are lacking many of the capabilities available in Chief Architect Premier.  This is a prime example of why creating a good informative signature line is important.  I would suggest you head over to the Home Designer forum...


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