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Pro 2018 should open -- you don't import, Pro 2014 files without issue.


You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products.
Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software.

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It is also better to do a copy from one program version to the other so you can go back to that version if needed instead of importing 

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    • By Designers_Edge
      Here I am again asking what is probably a very BASIC question, but I have been fearful of deleting symbols downloaded and jpegs created for tiles, fabric, textures etc for new materials for fear that I will get the dreaded file can't be found message after using one of them in a plan--especially the textures & jpegs.
      Question:  can I delete them after they have been imported into my library or does the library look for the material jpeg each time?
      Thanks again for all of your patience as I venture beyond the safe Chief Architect library content.
    • By JasonParsons
      Does anyone successfully sync chief files with Google Drive?
      I know that chief files do not work well in network drives, but I thought I would be able to sue google drive since the file resided on my hard drive, and syncs to the cloud and then back down to other hard drives.  I get an error message whenever I save the files to a Google Drive Folder.
    • By Charlenerene
      So I am looking at trying to import more files. Specifically Toto toilet files but I don't know where to save the files. Unlike the CA site they don't auto install to the correct folder. I have nosed around the directory but cannot find the files. Any ideas guys?
      Again thanks for all the help.
    • By brinkbart
      As you know, the file icons for .layout and .plan files are annoyingly similar. I think in later versions (X4?) they may have tried to make it easier to distinguish between them, but you have to admit the icons are not great.

      For my use, I have made new icons for .layout, .plan, .calib, and .calibz files. it is VERY conspicuous which is which.

      It's easy to change file-type icons in WindowsXP, but to set them in Windows7, you will need a third-party application (I recommend the free program FileTypesMan).

      The attached thumbnail shows what the icons look like in the various Windows 7 views. Although I haven't tested it, these should absolutely work with Windows 8.