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       The common denominator of questions I see asked here is often followed by "I have looked everywhere...!". This indicates to me that one has not looked "everywhere" or perhaps they do not know where "everywhere" is.


       The last place I would ask for Chief questions is Chief Talk because of the above reason: most users know what they know and of course are willing to share what they know with others. This is one of the strengths of the forum but it is also a weakness in that some of this "knowledge" is not fundamentally well understood by each person.

      You have the "Help Files", Users Guide and Reference Manual right on your PC and secondly, you have the online "Knowledge Base" all which are searchable. You have training videos by Chief and by others that can help. When I have looked through that particular "Everywhere" I then call Chief Architect Tech Support. We all pay for that and it should be used as a service when needed.

      When you want "opinions" and "guesses" the Forum is the place or perhaps you just want to vent or socialize. If you are intent on your own competence the "everywhere" listed above plus Tech Support are your best bets.

       I use Tech Support and you should too, including posting problem plans with data about what is "wrong", this helps us all.




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