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I'm a new CA user and I'm attempting to draw plans for an addition. I have an exterior stucco wall with two windows and a door. After the remodel, this exterior wall will become and interior wall, and the windows and door will be removed. In this new INTERIOR wall there will be a new 6' opening that will occupy the same space as one of the previous windows and door.


The problem I'm having is creating a drawing for the building department that shows both floor plan layouts, with both the new and existing floor plans. As soon as I update the window type, or the window/door space, it changes all the drawings that I've created.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Save your As built drawing as "plan-name_As-Built"   
  2. immediately re-save it as "plan-name_Proposed_1"        
  3. now Draw up then Addition / Reno Changes on this plan......
  4. Once done click "Send to layout" , say yes to creating a layout if needed ... it will be named as plan-name_Proposed_1.layout   automatically 
  5.  Send the Plan view to whichever page in your layout you use for Proposed Drawings eg page 10 , while in the Layout move to the page you want the As-Built Plan on eg. page 5  so when we send the next page it will automatically pick that page next , in this case page 5.
  6. Now Re-Open the As-Built Plan (Recent Files List) , and again choose send to layout . Because the Proposed Layout is already Open, and only one Layout can be open at a time the As-Built Drawing will use it too without asking, the DBX should have Page 5 from above already selected , so just click OK .    



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