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i'm having trouble trying to set up my material list. 


we sell storage brackets that hang on a slat wall.  i've attached props to those brackets to give the customer an idea of what things will look like and how to utilize the brackets.  i combined the brackets with the props via architectural block that i then saved to my library.  the problem is that i want to treat the bracket/prop as one object (i was able to do that via right clicking the architectural block and selecting open object.  i then had to put the name of the bracket in the optional description field so it doesn't just show up as "architectural block" in the material list).  everything seemed to be working great, but i soon found out that those changes i made only applied to the object on the screen and didn't save to the user library.  therefore, when i select a bracket from the library for a new drawing, it sends the items to the material list with the prop and it's not treated as one object in the material list.  also, when i click on the architectural block in the library, i can't right click and select open object.  i then decided to go into the components tab and assign the bracket to a fixture id and the prop to a general id (hoping that i could tell the material list to display one, but not the other.  i also checked the use field for the bracket and left it unchecked for the prop item. however, both print in the material list).  i just want to show all the brackets they want to buy and not clutter the material list with a host of props.


any help would be much appreciated!


God bless!

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2 things to consider here...

  1. You'll need to modify your architectural blocks and then add them back to the library.
  2. I think the best solution is probably to put the brackets on one layer (with Materials List checked) and the props onto another layer (with Materials List UNchecked).  Once you do that, add the block back to your library and you should be good to go.  Just bear in mind that your material list will generate based on the Materials List settings in the layer set you have active when you generate your material list. 

Hope that helps.

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