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Forcing Macros to Execute

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Macros will only execute if the Text they are imbedded in are displayed.  That could be any of the following:

  • An Object Label (Room, Cabinet, Door, Window, Framing, Wall, Symbol, etc)
  • Text
  • Rich Text

The macro doesn't need to actually return a displayed value (it might just perform some calculations and/or set one or more Global Variables or read/write to a file), but the text object must be set to be shown and be on a visible layer.


There are a couple of ways to force a re-display:

  1.  The F5 key or (G5 key assuming it has been mapped) to cause a "Refresh"
  2.  Do a Print Preview in the Layout - this causes a "Display of all Views sent to Layout"


If you follow the above, you shouldn't have any problems with macros being executed.



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