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A Collection of Picture Frames With Glass

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    • By Alyssa
      Has anyone figured out how to create glass? 
      I am trying to construct a very minimal shower, but I don't see any glass color options, or glass pieces. 
      Likewise, I do not see any non framed mirrors, am I nuts? 
      If anyone has a way to get frames off of things, color something glass, or finds a minimal mirror, please let me know!
    • By Renerabbitt
      Just sharing some of my go-to symbols as I sort through my own library...enjoy!
      add to plan as a fixture, adjust size as needed, frame will retain its aspect ratio

      Adjustable Picture Frame.calibz
    • By CAJdraw
      I am using Chief x8.  When using the 'Export Picture' function, there is an 'Export Picture' dialog box, which allows the user to specify 'Image Size' & 'Image Properties' settings.  Is there a way to specify default settings for these attributes, so that I don't have to specify them each time I export a picture?
    • By CBuserIndia
      I am super confused about inserting / importing images inside layout.

      For example

      I have a picture image-test.jpg, 1200 x 840 pixel . image attached.

      If I open new layout & insert image-test.jpg. FILE->IMPORT->IMPORT PICTURE (BMP,JPG,PNG)

      As seen in 1.jpg, image is overlapping label box of my layout.

      In a fresh new empty layout, if I zoom out one level. Layout window looks small in size, check 2.jpg

      Now if insert image-test.jpg here, it overlaps complete layout, see image 3.jpg, infact image-test.jpg is almost double the size of layout window.

      I am aware that it is possible to pull/push corner & re-size image, so that it fits in to layout window, but is that right thing to do ?
      Do I loose quality/clarity of image if I re-size it to fit in-to layout size ?
      What is best practice of importing picture into layout window?

    • By iggybro
      I've been using CA for several years now and several things frustrate the living heck out of me.  One of these things is the lack of control we have with windows.  The ability to create a window in CA so that it looks like it would in real life is a shame.  Has anybody else felt my frustration.  One would think, at the very least, that you could create a window that actually looks good in a perspective overview.  It is impossible to create a vinyl window with a painted or stained jam for example--maybe most of you just design rather than build, but I build what I design and being able to control the material of a window jam would be nice.  Don't you think?  My window frustration would somewhat go away if there was some ability to control the material of the interior frame separate from the material of the exterior frame.  Better yet, give us a "jam" option. Cant get a jam, so we are left with a frame because without a "frame" CA overlaps materials in a way that makes the materials shutter between the lumber material and the wall material.  Stupid!  Who has the money to buy a window with a frame--not my clients.  Come on CA--give us more control over our windows.  Maybe some of you CA gurus have figured out a work-around.  I'd love to hear what you do.