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Hello, my text is not appearing as it normally does.  

I suspect I have ticked Legacy Text .

Is there a way to revert back to my preferred text format?



Russell Delaney





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Thanks or the reply Curt.  The issue is now resolved. I don't believe it was a legacy text issue at all.

How is it appearing? - some text was missing altogether, but I could select the invisible text box border and open it. It was a text which was not my default text. Other text was partly visible as if the top half of the text was whited out. The problem appeared in any project folder that I opened & in all my library details.


Issue resolved by going to Digital Locker, Download  and select "Repair".


I have no idea what caused the issue. It took 3 days of searching before a colleague suggested to do a simple repair - a 5 minute task.

Regards, Russell Delaney

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