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I've had a run of mantles and worked with them a few ways-plan attached has two flaovors. One is parts, the other is a single cabinet-I kept the stages that I went through with it. Worth dissecting.


At the same time I've had a couple of flush inset appliance jobs so I dropped a Sub-Zero surround set for that in along with the face of a 48 side by side (note that overall width is 1/16" too big but panels should be correct though I haven't done a final check on that one:) Same principal can be sued for flush inset microwave drawers.


Then included a library of the parts used for the flush install so you can do other appliances or see how it's done. Note that you may need to alter the stretch zones if using them elsewhere ads they are set to prevent resizing. Also included a library of some assorted hardware-including sub zero handles.


In there is some Sun Valley Hardware, a McNicols grill-which should be used with caution as they are stupid expensive. The iron hardware in the library also requires restraint as IRL it is very inconsistent and the handles prone to turning in use.


Finally there is a radiator cover (had a mess of those too) and one odd linen cabinet (just showing off with that one) designed around challenging restrictions for the door clearance (why it looks the way it does)


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