fees for renderings??

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Depends on who your competition is. Indian or Chinese renderers? Or maybe this? http://jopays.com/


If you do a Google search, there is a lot of information out there. Google "prices for architectural renderings". If you are considering this as a career choice, seems like it wouldn't be too much trouble to run a Google search or two.


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I compete in the virtual world on a regular basis.  There's some very fast and cheap rendering solutions out there....quality and communication are normally the issues on the "block" when dealing with "overseas" solutions.  I've done some outsourcing and I've spent days waiting to have someone who could understand English to make the smallest and simple change.


If you are looking for integrated solutions with materials, architectural software, and quick updates then you will pay for that service.  Single renders will generally cost $50 for 1080p each to over $200 for billboard size planar pics and about the same cost per spherical renders to embed into virtual experience softwares.


Chief is well suited to create "linked" creations that can be easily and quickly modified and uploaded into a very high standard virtual 360 tour.  Here's an example below:


Home Tour


On this project, we focused on the kitchen, flyer, mstrbedroom and lanai/pool area and kept the rest to a relative minimum to save cost.  Some of the materials were NOT my favorite but the clients wanted some particular tiles that were rather poor in my opinion for quality and "seamless".


On this next one, we focused on two different kitchen layouts with two different material sets each....the first two we used actual slabs for the countertops; that is, we photographed the slabs at the warehouse, created 3d virtual material, and "made" the countertops.


Kitchen Alternatives


When sharing this product, we often have people believe they are looking at the real thing...which of course, that is what we try to do....create a showhome so you don't have to.  We want to make ALL your product available in each home you build.  The Chief layer sets and default settings allow us to quickly derive entire kitchens differently by cut and paste and with our material links integrated between the architectural software to the rendering software, it makes a seamless transition allowing one on one real time customisation.


Hope this provides some clarification to your query.



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