Quickie help with shed roof

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I'm tired, not very experienced, and can't seem to get this.  I'm trying to render a proposed back porch shed roof for a client.  No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the roof lines to connect properly so that the fascia boards are at the same elevation.  

With the shed roof added, we plan to raise the existing brick up to touch the underside of the new shed roof. 

Also, there will have to be a long hip to fill in the current open area of roof I have drawn.

Any help or suggestions would sincerely be appreciated.

I've attached screenshots and I tried to attach the house file but I'm getting an error message from Chieftalk.  Going to log out and log back in to try the plan file again.


Troubled shed roof underside.jpg

Troubled shed roof.jpg

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If you are just wanting the two lowest planes to be at the same height, open the original roof plane and copy the "Fascia Top Height" height.   In the plan view, make sure you align the new roof plane edge to the other edge.  Then open that Roof Plan box and lock the roof pitch and paste in your "Fascia Top Height" from your other plane.  They should then be at the same height.

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Cut the existing roof plane at the intersection of your new roof plane using the cut polyline tool or by pressing the number 3 (shortcut).

Then drag the corner down a ways and join the two together.



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"With practice" being the operative phrase...lol.

I went ahead and used this as an excuse to use my SSA to upgrade to beta 9.  (For some reason I couldn't get 8 anywhere in my digital locker)


Anyway, thanks so much for your help!  I'll give you an update tomorrow.

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