Roofs on Different Floors Won't Connect

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Hi. I have been using X8 and now X9 for a month now working on my first plan. I am now trying to get the roofs on the 1-1/2 story house. Here is my problem.


The upstairs has 3 foot knee walls under the main t shaped gables down the center of the house. There are lower pitched shed and hip roofs around the perimeter of the house that run into the sides of the knee walls. There is one large shed roof in the back that intersects higher up on one gable plane. 


I can see and edit the shed and hip roofs from the 1st floor level plan view. I can edit and select the gable roofs from the 2nd floor level plan view. However I can not edit and select roofs that are on different floors at the same time, which I need to do in order to connect the top of the shed into the gable. 


Does anyone know why my roofs are on different floors and not editable at the same time? Thank you for any input on this. I've been working on it all weekend to no avail. 

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Join the roof planes on Floor A and then move roof plane(s) up or down to Floor B and join roof planes on that floor as necessary.  Once you're done, simply move roof plane(s) back to their original floor.  

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Thank You, Thank you, Thank you....  Both for answering my "newbie" question. It worked perfectly! 

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