embedding 360 vew in my website

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I would like to display a 360 view on my website.  Is it done via an I frame?  Is there a place to learn more?

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I just got back an answer from tech support on this and they say at this time with beta version you can't imbed a code into your website

You can use Sketch Fab

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Did they mention when they might have that function working in CA?

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    • By CBuserIndia
      CA-Interior user.
      I am trying something new.
      Before I render image, I want to share 360 panorama & Vector view seems like good option.
      How do I put a watermark on these images ? I want to add a small brand logo & company name text. I logo, not possible, at-least text.
      I tried several things, I created a painting, added to a wall. It disappears when you create Vector view ( actually with Vector view, not just 360, even for standard view, any painting like object disappears).
      Here the purpose is not to secure copy or brand or image, all I need is to have my company name. If these images go public, I get some promotion.
      Any work around ?
      Also I chose vector view for 360 panorama, do you have better suggestions ?
    • By CA-User
      I bought a VR Box to test out the 3D walkthrough function. It comes with a remote control, which works on everything, so I know that's not the issue. However, the remote works in normal 3D walkthrough mode, but seems to deactivate in Cardboard view. You can look around, but not move around. Has anyone played around with this and worked it out? 
      If you had something like Oculus which connected to the laptop, it would probably work better. 
    • By CBuserIndia
      Hello, what are various options (outside of CA cloud) for hosting 360 panoramic images generated by CA ?
      I am able to upload 360 images on Facebook & works nicely. However to share with client I will need some other option.
      - are there any free options ?
      - any paid websites which you are using ?
      - anyone using wordpress self hosted website to host 360 images, which plugin do you use ?
    • By IvanCyr
      Are you needing a full virtual tour of a home in one web based location?  Or how about the requirement to showcase to a client different ideas for a project?  Perhaps a 360 virtual tour will help.  I can take your 360 photos created from Chief Architect and insert them into a single interactive tour where your client can seamlessly flow through a home or any space at their leisure using any web browser on any platform (older smaller Android devices excepted).

      Here's 4 different kitchen layouts within a single space:
      See a home tour here:
      I can place your logo, music, and a even video into the scene.
      I will provide two basic options.  Basic Tour and Basic Plus.  Customisation is readily available for your specific needs.
      Basic Tour:
      I will deliver the product within 48 hrs of receipt of panorama pictures.
      Left tool bar will have all rooms to view.
      Basic Plus
      I will deliver the product within 96 hrs of receipt of panorama pictures.
      Left tool bar will have all rooms to view.
      A overview map to be included.
      Links provided to "move" through the space from room to room.
      Basic $20 plus $7.00 per render photo.
      Basic Plus: $20 plus $12.00 per render photo.
      Tour will be held on the server at Inteck3d Inc. and will be available for 12 months from the time of upload.
      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to inquire.
      Ivan Cyr
      Inteck3d Inc.
    • By ericepv
      The video which descries new rendering features for X9 makes reference to the new 360 spherical rendering which can be viewed with "a new Chief Architect 360 viewer". Also mentioned are Google cardboard glasses which can be used to view the images. Does anyone have any more details on how to obtain the CA 360 viewer or the Google cardboard glasses?