Skylight not creating shaft & hole in clg.

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I've racked my brain trying to figure out why my skylight won't show a shaft to the ceiling on my first floor master bath.  After placing a successful test skylight on the second floor, it occurred to me that the roof plane I was inserting the skylight into was generated from the first floor, but to draw a proper roof plan I have to display that roof plane on the 2nd floor.  I moved the roof plane to display on the first floor and BOOM it creates the skylight shaft correctly.  Tile the plan window and the section window and you can see what Chief does when you change the display floor.


Anyone else have this problem and created a solution, or is this a bug?  I'm leaning toward bug since the skylight shows correctly on all views, just doesn't create the shaft when the only thing different is the floor on which it's displayed.




Skylt with 1st floor roof display.jpg

Skylt with 2nd floor roof display.jpg

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Well that was easy enough!  Thanks!


However, I still think this is a bug because CA should create the hole automatically, regardless which floor the roof is displayed on.  Chief should determine that the roof covers a 1st floor ceiling, therefore should create the hole.

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