Components DBX tip (w/ video)

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As most of you know the settings in the components list are not currently persistent...or are they??  I just realized that when you enter things into the manufacturer field, code field, comment field, etc.  that those entries are actually saved with the cabinet.  Yes, if you resize the cabinet, all those entries are cleared, but if you return that cabinet to its previous state, it will remember those previous settings. 


This means that you could take a single cabinet (maybe for a particular manufacturer), change it a little, enter the desired code, pricing, comments, etc...change it again, re-enter information...change it again, re-enter information...etc.   Your result would be a highly dynamic cabinet.  Add it to your library.  Next time you need to use that brand, you can use that single cabinet for a broad range of automatic codes, descriptions, pricing, comments, etc. 


Here's a quick video demonstrating what I'm talking about...



BTW, this isn't just useful for for cabinets but for windows, doors, etc. 

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