HD Suite 2015, System adding walls and changing ceilings plus more weird things ...

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Thank you for reading my topic.


I am building my new home and have started by using Home Designer Suite 2015. My plan is pretty complex and quite large as it incorporates not just the bungalow (330sq m) but also 2 detailed gardens, a wood, large covered terrace and terrace garden, large detached garage, various outbuildings and drives.


Over the last few days I have found some weird things have been happening. 


For example;

1) Exterior walls have been appearing next to the original walls without having made any changes to the original wall for many months. The wall is not in the Attic or floor 0 and is shown on the floor plan as an invisible wall. When I tried to delete it it recreates itself. It is not using the default exterior wall settings either which is strange.

2) We have no ceiling in the hall preferring to have the ceiling following the roof. This worked fine for about 5 months and then, with no warning or reason, a flat ceiling was created as per the rest of the bungalow. When I looked at the options it showed no ceiling over this room! But there was. I ticked the box and "officially" created a ceiling (although it was already there), saved and exited the system. When I went back I was able to disable the ceiling by unticking the checkbox. Problem solved but why did it happen?

3) I seem to have a lot of dimensions in duplicate, triplicate and even fourplicate (?) I deleted all dimensions using Edit, Delete Objects but many remained. Eventually I deleted them manually, one by one but when I saved and later returned to the program they had reappeared.


I am getting very despondent, could it be that I have too much data for it to cope with ? Is there a maximum limitation ?


I was planning to upgrade soon (so that I could work on a curved ceiling and the lighting) but if this problem is likely to continue then I will need to rethink my options.


The size of the file is 61,432kb if that is anyhelp to anyone. I am running Home Designer Suite 2015 Build 16.4.1 on a Dell desktop running Windows 10. I am a retired 53 year old systems designer in databases so I consider myself fairly computer literate with over 30 years computing experience.


Any help, advice or even a large hammer would be gratefully appreciated.



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chieftalk is aimed at users of Chief Premier


you need to re-post your query in the Hometalk forum


you should also post in the Q&A section


the seeking services section of the forums is for those

seeking to hire services


you can also contact CA's tech support for assistance


good luck



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