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Hi everyone,

I'm very new to this program, but have some experience with AutoDesk AutoCAD, which is (imo) a completely different animal.  I drew an existing home - including the 2nd floor with all the proposed additions.  Now, the home owners would like to add a 2 story garage attached to the main home by a deck/breeze way.  I added the garage to the 1st floor plan showing the deck/breezeway between, but how do I add the 2nd floor to the garage without adding it to the entire footprint again?  Is this even possible?  Or am I just going about this the wrong way?  These don't need to be CD worthy, we're doing just preliminary presentation drawings / renderings for right now.



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On the second Floor with the 1st Floor shown as the Referenced Floor - just draw the 2nd Floor Walls above the Garage.  The 2nd Floor exists but until it's enclosed by walls its just space.


BTW, post questions in the Q&A Forum.  Tips and Techniques is for users to post their "Tricks".

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