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Dimensioning a gabled dormer

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This is new to me, so I hope you'll forgive the question.


What dimensional information to you give the builder on the construction docs to show how to build the dormer?  And more relevant to Chief, where do you pull it from.


I've orphan dormers that do not relate to any walls below.  They are really just fancy skylights.


If I'm the framer, I would appreciate a dimension up the roof deck from the subfascia line to the front wall line, the height up from roof deck to sidewall plate, window r.o. top relative to plate, overall width, roof pitch, overhangs, and window size.  But that's me.


It'll take more details to define all this, than it will for my octagonal turret entry at the northwest corner of the building.


Each of my two dormers for the current project center on large overhead doors below.


Anybody have some examples of how you do it?


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