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BIM - resources (Building Information Modelling)

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BIM, what is it? (Building Information Modelling)
NBS National BIM Library - UK
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Published on Oct 25, 2013



This video helps with the question: 'What is BIM'? is the construction industry's free-to-use resource of NBS standard BIM content.
Objects are available in IFC, ArchiCAD, Bentley, Revit and Vectoworks format.
(note: although UK based it is FREE to enrol in NBS for BIM information and for BIM Library etc.  At present mainly IFC and revit files)

NBS National BIM Library content links with manufacturer content such as maintenance literature and CPD. It also links to the UK specification system NBS.

For more information on BIM please see

For more information on BIM objects please see

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IFC - Data Standard – Industry Foundation Class (IFC)


Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) BuildingSMART is all about the sharing of information between project team members

and procurement, across the software applications that they commonly use for design, construction, maintenance and operations.

Data interoperability is a key enabler to achieving the goal of a buildingSMART process.

BuildingSMART has developed a common data schema (IFC) that makes it possible to hold and exchange relevant data between different software applications






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I doubt if more than 1 or 2 Chiefers have any idea what you posted here


Years ago I gave up trying to interest/educate any, including CA


just not there :(



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BIM objects - integrated approach - launched Nov 2016

- free service for designers


BIM objects for download into Revit using combined services of:

BIMobject (library of 3d products in Cloud) + Forge (Autodesk in the Cloud)




Check out:


1. BIMobject (library of 3d products in Cloud in Revit, ArchiCad & SketchUp)


2. Forge (Autodesk in the Cloud) Revit



Process explained in youtube video:

BIMobject® launches BIMsupply®, a Cloud-Based Supply Solution


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BIMobjects - digitalisation of the building industry


Gets interesting at 9 min mark of the video noted below.



The digitalisation of our building industry - BIMobject® v2
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Published on May 19, 2016



Stefan Larsson, founder & CEO of BIMobject®: The digitalisation of the building industry – a paradigm shift of massive proportions.

Keynote answering the WHY, WHAT and HOW, this is what we believe in can change the world we all share and live in.


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This software illustrates how building design and construction will benefit from BIM.

Revizto is one example of a possible direction of VR and BIM



Revizto 4 illustrates how teams involved in building design and construction benefit from BIM.


The evolving use of BIM, 3D Models, and Virtual Reality are changing exponentially.

I expect that "Smart checklists" now being developed will appear in the form of something like "checkBOTS"
[smart algorithms (AI) utilising the exponential increasing power of computers]


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IFC applications


Interesting post by "kirill2008" in regards evolving application of IFC files

(IFC - Industry Foundation Classes. The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model is intended to describe building and construction industry data.
It is a platform neutral, open file format specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors.


ArchiCAD's use of "Hotlink IFC



Food for thought for Chief Architect programmers :)


"post by "kirill2008"
there is still much work to be done to claim that between
different BIM software is something real (not just a good intention).
observationsAccording to my 
"interoperability" For now However progress in this direction never stops,
with objects transferred using IFC format between BIM software of each other.
it seems like even big players in the field haven't yet figured out how to provide a way to interact (fully and safely)
for example I've seen recently a new interesting innovation,
which allows the insert
 of a reference to an IFC file into a project, so it is possible to collaborate with engineers, detect clashes etc:

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