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I have created a Washer/Dryer Pedestal in SketchUp and imported it into Chief. Everything worked fine, except it imported some crazy material items.

    Plywood Panel has an imported material called unnamed_model_SKP_Plywood_Panel

       I would like this to come in as Cabinet Base (the object name in SketchUp) and the material is not important as I could then change it in Chief.

       The new name would make it easier ti visualize and adjust the model in Chief.

   color_204_68_0 should be Top Rail....


Maybe I'm asking too much and maybe it cannot be done. The imported item works great (imported as Fixture (interior) ehn place against walls and such, turned correctly to have the front facing out. Tried importing as a cabinet, but chief added a countertop, backsplash etc....not needed for this object.


I created a simple plan to show what I mean. In the Laundry room are my pedestal alone and one as a block with a washer. If you look at the Materials for the pedestal, there are materials imported from SketchUp that I would like named for the parts, as they are in most items. I can map them to materials in CA, but it would be nice if they were labeled as Back or Top Rail...etc

Pedestal Test Plan.plan

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OPen the symbol, select material click on the material you want to change the name of and then click it one more time and the name will be highlighted and can be changed.

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