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sample plan in mm (metric)

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I like to make a sample work in a metric plan...


Done some simple testing by copying a 32.808399 feet long wall ( HVAC Dimension Default) into a metric plan (1:50 Dimensions Default).


As a result the wall will become 3.92 m long and not 10 meter long as it should.


Thank you for sending me your prompt advice.




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Scaling is different so it will not copy precisely. Have you considered just using metric dimension defaults or combination of imperial and metric on the existing plan?



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The combination of imperial and metric in the sample plan is correct 32' 8"   (10 meter)


If scaling is not precisely, I can accept.  But in reality the scaling is way out of order as you can see in the following pictures.


My first idea was to continue working in the first plan and to copy this plan into a metric plan where I already build the terrain.


Any help is welcome.




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