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  1. Larry,


    You are correct, not much happening since last July. I contacted them a week or so ago and did get a response. 


    Go to their web site and under "Help Center" , there is contact information. Send them an e-mail with your concerns. 

  2. It's not the time it saves that is the important factor.


    It's the clean, accurate and easy to read hard copy of your measurements that is important and the ability to zoom.


    I have my Tablet mounted to the top of a camera tripod. I set it up in a room, take all the measurements I need then pickup and move to the next room. I don't directly send the Laser  to Redstick. I take a measurement and hand input to Redstick. Fast and easy.


    Some of the features I like: Locked wall dimensions, adjustable wall thickness, auto and manual dimensions, can handle any type window and door information, multiple floor levels, reference floors with snaps, notes and picture built into the program, etc.


    I don't input Redstick directly into CA. I do this manually. Just as I would if I used a pad and pencil.



  3. I have been using the App called "Redstick Cad Pro".


    Their are two versions for both Mac & Android. "Redstick Cad" and "Redstick Cad Pro".


    Far superior to "Room Planner. I have sent in many suggestion for improvements to Room Planner with none implemented.

  4. The problem I have is when you are working on 5 - 10 different jobs at the same, making changes to each as you go along. 


    How do you get all the different changes into the latest Plan Template and Layout Template. Even the SAM method doesn't seem to work.

  5. I have a roof plan with upper and lower roofs.


    I have everything the way I want it except the roof labels.


    I can not get the roof labels for the lower roofs to show. They are turned on in the reference set.


    I would appreciate any help. Using X8.