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  1. Perry,


    No it doesn't have the camera.


    I found it much easier to do the measuring inside. Bounce the Lazer off walls. Don't need a target.


    I do use a tape measure to measure the foundation as a double check for my interior dimensions.


    I also use a Camera Tripod to hold my Tablet while working inside. Keeps it at the right height and off of home owner's furniture while inputting the data.



  2. Scott,


    I have the Distro D330i and love it. It has the auto leveling and Bluetooth. Nice small size. Easy to handle.


    The Distro D330i lists for around $379. However, I purchased it from FLT GeoSystems back in November 2012 for $299.95.


    I use it to measure existing buildings and input the dimensions manually on site into my Tablet using Redstick Cad Pro.


    The Distro and Redstick Cad Pro have the ability to input dimensions using Bluetooth. However, I found it just as easy to do it manually.


    Redstick Cad Pro is available for the iPad.



  3. When sending an elevation to layout, I can't get the foundation to display non-solid line styles.


    I have a dash line selected for the layers Footings & Foundation prior to sending to layout.


    I am able to go to layout and using the "Edit Layout Line" tool and change the lines to dash.


    Am I doing something wrong or is this feature broken in the latest update?



  4. RCarter,


    I recently had the same problem using X6. I also see it happen in X5.


    I moved the ends of those lines you are talking about and the problem went away.


    The problem looks like the footing isn't generating correctly.


    Are you using a Pony wall?