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  1. Hello, I have created a tray ceiling made from two custom countertops but now I need to add crown molding under these to complete my living room ceiling. I am having a hard time adding the molding to where you can actually see it under the trays. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. MorroneInteriors

    How do I make a stair landing over a door on the second story

    Hello, yes I have about it juts into the second floor in an awkward way. I'm still not sure what I'm doing wrong but it's certainly something.
  3. Hello! I am trying to create a second landing in my stairs that just so happens to be above a door on my first floor. Instead of creating the landing where I am trying to position it to lead to the second floor, my stairs and landing are going through the door. I have attached a screenshot of what is currently happening. I am just trying to get my stairs to go to the second floor and not be squashed into the door. Also I have Chief Architect 10X Thank you!
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    Hello, I am trying to create a specific type of window design on the second story of a home that I am currently working on in Chief Architect 10. I've attached a photo of the plan from the outside view of the house for reference. I have tried to create this slanted, almost knife-like look using a soffit to cover a portion of the window but it didn't work out. I also checked the window library but they do not have this style. Any tips on how I could go about creating these windows? Thank you ahead of time!
  5. Hello,

    I am reaching out to see if anyone can help me create these windows on the second level of the house that I am currently working on in Chief Architect 10. I am having an issue with the slanted set of windows on the top row. I tried to create the effect by positioning a soffit to cover them but that did not work, unfortunately. I looked in the library and there are no window selections to match this style. Any tips? Thank you ahead of time! 

    Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 5.41.10 PM.png

    1. solver


      You should start a new thread in General Q&A.


  6. MorroneInteriors

    Working with stairs

    Thank you so much, Eric. This was the exact help that I needed and you solved my problem. I will edit the signature for next time as well. Thank you again!
  7. MorroneInteriors

    Working with stairs

    I am attempting to build a desk underneath a basic set of stairs and am finding this to be terribly difficult. I was on the phone with tech support and they couldn't figure it out so I'm trying a new avenue for guidance. I just need to build a built-in desk under this set of stairs. I can't seem to highlight the wall under the stairs to make any changes and I seem to be stuck there. If anyone has any tips, that would be amazing! I have attached a photo of the stairs in question. Thank you!!