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  1. I've changed the Line Style of my Polyline Solid to Framing, Roof Beams. Does not show on Framing Schedule
  2. Last year I upgraded from X8 to X9 then found out that I needed dedicated graphics' for the X9 to work properly even with my 3 month old Dell Lap Top. I had to remove the X9 and go back to X8. I had drawn 2 large homes on the X9 and now I cannot open them the do any modifications. I did not see a full disclosure or computer requirements before or at purchase time. How can I find out what is needed to work as needed, if I upgrade to X10?
  3. Item hides when clicked on to move/edit

  4. Wouldn't that be bad if every software had a lock after you purchase their product? Windows Office, Forte, Amason Prime,etc. CA is a profit based company and sells at "What Ever We Will Pay"
  5. I have a new lap top with Windows 10. My old lap top is Vista using my Base 10 CA and over 100 sets of plans. I want to transfer and probably upgrade to Premier but, it doesn't recognize my lock or serial #. I need the upgrade discount but, can't even install the base 10. HELP please.