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  1. I tried selecting it from the preview but it wasn't working. But thank you for the heads up, will try on the next one. The reason why I put the 3 planes was that seemed to be the only way I could keep the bottom part from relocating in elevation. with just the top stretch points the bottom would jump up or down. I probably still don't understand the technical aspects of how the stretch planes work. As I mentioned it was a lot of trial and error. Thank you kindly for your insight to this. It was my first symbol. Next one I want to try is a 6x6 on sonotube on bigfoot pad.
  2. Definitely took a lot of trial and error, but finally got what I was looking for. Thank you very much for your input Levis. Much Appreciated. File attached if needed. Thanks again. Helical Pile.calibz
  3. I am assuming that the Height Z column is where I want to set the perameters. Do you know what I need to do or input for the bottom 18" to stay solid/unchanged and the top (above 18" to adjust in height? I put 18" in Item 3 but it is still not working the way I want it to. I see the square break show up when I enter the amount there.
  4. I have it now.... Just trying to figure out how it works. Thank you very much Levis
  5. Maybe I blocked the image wrong, because I am not seeing the stretch plane box
  6. Good day Forum! Does someone in here know how to create symbols/shape? I had received a block from an instructor mid 2000's of a 10" concrete pile. The bottom representing a sono tube and footing would stay intact. When adjusting the height of the object in elevation with the object handle, the height would adjust a 6x6 post. It was also easy to move around in elevation. I really appreciated this symbol/shape in my plans. I am trying to construct a Helical Pile (metal screw post) with the same capabilities. Unfortunately, when adjusting the height, the bottom (with the