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  1. Cheryl_C_Crane

    Limited Edition Catalogs - 3D Library

    I love the 2018 April Fools Offering! I use it often as a great 'ice breaker' with customers wanting 'photo-realism'. The spill orientation can be changed and saved for a glass smear on SGD's and mirrors, or nose-prints on TV's. Good Stuff! Get yours while you can today.
  2. Cheryl_C_Crane

    Dining Floor Looks like a Crime Scene!

    Geeze, that's graphic! I even tried adding lights under the table to 'wash' the color out - didn't work. Thanks, Graham! Sometimes it is just good to know that you aren't crazy. Well, maybe a little...
  3. Cheryl_C_Crane

    Dining Floor Looks like a Crime Scene!

    I can do that, Rene. Do you want the .plan archived from yesterday? Should I cut off the bedrooms, laundry and garage to make it smaller?
  4. Cheryl_C_Crane

    Dining Floor Looks like a Crime Scene!

    Graham, thanks for your thoughts. I am perplexed because I tried the plan (saved from last evening) with the same symbol and got different better results. I looked at the archive plan from yesterday (before I switched to the Orchid) and still have a crime scene. It's OK as this is to sell space and not be a perfect picture. I did try to match the customer's furniture & lifestyle, but they are more concerned with, 'Will the furniture fit?' This is big plan with lots of symbols and saved cameras. I'm past the hump, so no need for me to burn the asset that YOU are for this community. I sincerely appreciate your time. I think that trying to create reflectivity off the apples may have started the issue. The floor (despite the table's interference) appears pink to me with the apples. When I changed to Gradient Purple ( no tinkering) the floor appears purple to me. I don't know..... Here are some screenshots. Again, I don't want to burn your time on my problem that isn't HiPri, ~ Cheryl
  5. Cheryl_C_Crane

    Dining Floor Looks like a Crime Scene!

    I have time on my hands but I just gave up on these apples and used an Orchid. Take a look at this PBR, please. I couldn't get rid of the red on the floor with this symbol. What's up with this? Is it common with this symbol? I use the wicker bowl of apples all the time, but on top of cabinets. I made this table out of cabinets. Once I switched to the Orchids, no problems. I love PBR because it's fast, but it is quirky. It looks like there are different flooring materials in the Dining Room and Family Room - but not so. Thanks for your thoughts, ~Cheryl
  6. Cheryl_C_Crane

    Any Chief Architect user here in Tennessee

    I'm in N Alabama (HSV) and interested.
  7. Cheryl_C_Crane

    How to Create an Open Inside Corner Wall Cab w/o Stiles?

    Gene, I agree, but this home is owned by the window of one of the early NASA engineers. Warner Von Braun had a meal prepared in this kitchen. We have that soffit that we are trying to not change. I hate that the range is slap up to the wall ovens on one side and a corner base on the other. This is dictating the Partial Overlay. I'd like tear out the soffit and start over! Thank you considering the problem.
  8. Cheryl_C_Crane

    How to Create an Open Inside Corner Wall Cab w/o Stiles?

    I'd prefer Frame. But, if frameless is needed to get the look, frameless it is. Thank you.
  9. Cheryl_C_Crane

    How to Create an Open Inside Corner Wall Cab w/o Stiles?

    Right, without stile in the corner. The rest of the cabinets are PO face frame. Thanks
  10. This is reminiscent of last May's thread on Open Wall End Cabinet. I am absolutely positive that I've done this successfully before. Maybe I just made it from poly solids, I don't know. How do we just have open shelves showing in a Wall Corner Cab? Eric? Rabbit? Chopsaw, Yoda? Graham? Mark? (I know that I've left out many of our most helpful Chieftans - but remember, I forgot how to do this.)
  11. Cheryl_C_Crane

    3D Bedroom Rendering.jpg

    Wow, just WOW
  12. Cheryl_C_Crane


    Sometimes I go to the Download Bonus Catalog to quickly scan through the 'Beauty Shots' and reacquaint myself with symbols and their catalog name. I wish that there was a way to search the CA site for something like 'Pot Rack". I think that would help a lot.
  13. Cheryl_C_Crane

    15 Westin Lane Living Room.jpg

    Very Nice! Hope that you'll keep sharing.
  14. Cheryl_C_Crane

    B1InitializeLibrary failed 0xc0000185

    I spoke with Cameron w Tech Support and I'm fully functional again. He said that type of error message is usually a Win10 error and not a SEH that CA generates. I knew that my Libraries were all intact because I could place a cabinet and change a door to another Manuf. That let me see all the folders. But. I couldn't open the Library directly. Cameron suggested that the Library had simply gotten squished and all it took was to pull down below the Search Library area. He was correct, I'm all is well. We don't know what caused the Win 10 error, but it was probably corrected in all the rebooting. Thanks to all that checked their systems for me, It's so great that there is someone caring on this forum pretty much 24*7*365.