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  1. I am swamped and need a fellow CheifArch user to take the floor plan and rendering images, get it into CA, make some changes, and create new pdf of the floor plans and renderings. Timeline is as soon as can be accommodated. Must have experience in designing high end home plans. Kurt 919-625-4336
  2. What DWG export settings am I doing wrong in 11X, or why can't AutoCAD see the lines that make up the walls?
  3. Yes. I can always take the large amount of time, open up a cross section, and add in many rectangular polylines that have the pink wiggle lines in it, but they are not customizable and that is tedious. The same for walls in the plan view. What if someone wants to show cellulose or spray foam? Chief? Please add? I thought if I could make a custom pattern, add it to the wall type specifications, it would show in cross section and plan views.
  4. I want to make my own custom >pattern< so I can show pink insulation wiggle lines inside the walls & floors when I do a cross section, or when walls are viewed in the common top-down plan view. Can I create a custom pattern and use it when creating a wall in the Wall Types section in CA? Kurt Mueller
  5. Describe your design & drafting experience using Chief Architect, availability, and hourly rate to download our initial project plan, review scope of work, execute that work, and upload file for review? Kurt Mueller 919-625-4336
  6. Ryan, I'm a long time ChAr user on imacs. Just to confirm, if I buy a new mac and upgrade to ChAr 13, I will have no ray tracing at all? No one can predict Apple's moves on new mac video hardware, but sometimes rumors are heard. Could you offer a best-guess, if any, as to when ChAr will do real time ray trace on a mac (real time or at all)? Kurt Mueller