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  1. Here's the setting! Thanks Solver and everyone who contributed. Uncheck the plywood as framing and Chief draws a truss!
  2. RRAFN First Floor 12
  3. X13 build Hi All, I'm having issues with my floor system. I can create JOISTS and display in section/elevation/3D Framing views. I can edit them etc. I cannot get floor TRUSSes to draw properly for the second level. My 12 3/4" floor depth gets "squished" to 4 1/2" top/bottom/mid chord sandwich that is not a open wood web floor truss. I've attached some images of the difference. The main floor system open wood web floor TRUSSes display, as do the roof trusses so I don't know what Chief sin I have committed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Donald in Winnipeg
  4. Don_Proven

    Passive Style Framing

    Project in Manitoba - Modified Larsen Truss wall with interior service cavity, solid 7/16th OSB air/vapour/structural sheathing. Framed using wall detail,cross sections, plan view, orthos. Not the eas