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  1. Thanks Eric Yes, we tried everything’s suggested in this thread a tried different searches. We’ll start a new thread if all else fails. Appreciate your suggestions. Cheers
  2. Was there a solution to this? We have a user experiencing the same problem There is absolutely nothing showing in the libraries, not even core library
  3. Thanks again for your input Here is the reply given by Tech support: HI Peter,Thank you for reaching out. Designer Information is a Preference Setting accessed throughPreferences>Text- Define Default Designer Informationor after a plan has been created throughTools>Project Information>Designer InformationThis information is set at the plan or layout's creation, so if the Default Designer Information had not been set prior to the plan or layout's creation it would have to created through the Tools>Project Information>Designer Information path, after creation.In examining the layout it looks like it was originally created in X11 and recently opened and Saved in X12. If this is a template that you typically reuse, I suggest using the Create Custom Template Option as detailed in the following link: my testing I took your BSA-X12 layout and set it as a template, then when I opened the Layout from the template state I was able to see updated information for the layout. I did have to open the client information text box on page 0 of the layout to force the update, but I did not have to recreate the entire text box.I hope this is helpful, please let me know if you need additional assistance or clarification. I hope this helps others as well
  4. Thanks guys Yes, it seems the layout only takes the contact information from the layout files and not plan files. For some reason I thought plan fields carried across to layout when creating new layouts. The information can be entered in several places So you can enter (different sets of) Designer information in Preferences, Plan and Layout. Client information can be entered in Plan and Layout.
  5. Hi Chief champions. I'm looking for help... I have just amended my layout template and saved to a new nameFor some reason it is not picking up Designer information or Client information (from plan sent to layout)to insert into the fields on Page 0. (worked perfectly before)For some reason it seems that the layout and plan files have their own separate fields for this. The layout fields (for project information) are blank, despite information being in the same fields on plan when being sent to new layout.What's happening here? All help appreciatedLayout file is attached. BSA - X12.2 Bottom.layout
  6. The wall elevation (vector view) should show the wall lines, but often fails to do this. This has been confirmed by Support as an error/bug. Which is what we're not doing as well to overcome this. I also like the thicker line framing the view.
  7. Thanks guys That solved a mystery issue for me. Unexpected findings: You can still have a wall layer that's effectively 0 thickness (e.g. a colour layer) to do this, set the layer thickness to almost 0 (as small as 0.001mm) and it still displays fine in 3D. (The thickness value box will still display 0mm) Cheers
  8. Hi Michael Thanks for looking into it to confirm the issue and for pointing out solutions. We do mainly kitchens and bathrooms and therefore use wall elevations a lot. Workaround method 1-2 worked a treat! Yes, the other options can also be used, although all of them have limitations. I'll report it and hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks again for your help. P
  9. Thanks Michael As suggested, I've attached an example. This is from an unchanged Chief ProfileM template. (same results with other templates) All I've done is to draw four walls and add the wall elevation and saved the elevation. Screenshot of the generated view is also attached. I can't think of anything in my preference or other settings that might be causing this either. I hope you can make some sense of it. Cheers P Elevation display problem 2017-03-10.plan
  10. HI Tim. Unfortunately it's not that. Even with "all on" layerset the lines are not displaying The only workaround I've been able to find is to make the wall linings into the "Main layers" of the wall, which moves walls and has several other undesirable consequences.
  11. Our wall elevations seem are failing to display the wall outlines in most (not all) wall elevation views. I've tested this on several computers with same result. This is NOT plan specific and occurs in all template plans I've tested as well. I've also tested same plans in several versions. They display correctly in X6, X7 and X8, but are missing in X9. The lines are shown in layout windows, but not in open elevations. The screenshot shows elevations from the same file, open in X7 and X9 Have others come across this? Do you have a solution? Cheers Peter
  12. I found that closing the layout and working on the elevations directly from the plan (project browser) virtually eliminated the issue. The plan is ~80MB and the Layout is 25 A3 pages with a total of 25 pages containing 7 plan views and 29 elevations. I hope that helps someone find a cause, fix or workaround.
  13. Hi Barry Same here Only noticed it in the last couple of days, after program update. I came here today looking for solutions, but this may be a program issue. The worst is after adjusting material definitions. the program hangs for about a minute just over two minutes while apparently updating views or other data. That's even when that material is only used in this one view. Yes, moving between layout pages has also slowed down Any clues? Cheers
  14. Hi Toby I'm wondering if you managed to find or establish "best practice" for multiple computers and/or multiple users. Replicating preferences is straightforward. We have 4 active users and each chooses their own workspace with preferences and toolbars. Sharing templates is straight forward. Fully shared libraries, materials textures etc. seem to be more of a challenge. What solution did you end up deploying? Regards Peter