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  1. No sure about state holidays in Idaho, I'm in Arizona but it's Veterans Day in the US. Many US business's are closed. I may have done something inadvertently, certainly wouldn't be without precedence for me. Computer Science I am not. Thanks for taking the time to think it through Kbird1 and for your replies. I'll try them when they reopen. I'll respond once I talk to them about the issue and fix on this post. Thanks again for your time. ChrisinAZ
  2. Hi Kbird1. I don't think I moved the location of Documents in Win 10. It looks like everything is in there. I'm a new CA user and my User catalog doesn't have enough in it yet to get upset about losing it. I put in a request on the CA site late Friday. I guess they must be closed on weekends. I'll try calling tomorrow(holiday for us in usa) or Tues. Thank you for the assist.
  3. Thanks Solver. I tried that too but nothing.
  4. My Core, Manufacturer and User catalogs have all disappeared. If I go to Library -> Manage Library Filters, I can see them all(the catalogs) with the option to 'hide in Library Browser'. I've tried 'Update Library Catalogs' and 'Install Core Content'. I've tried rebooting. Typing a key word in the Library search box doesn't pull anything up. I'm sure it's something simple. Anyone have any idea? (X10)
  5. MarkMc- Yeah that's the place('RENOVATED KITCHEN'). I was out on the job site measure last week. I came as the 'KD' along with the GC and sales department. I thought there was something off about the printed plans at a glance(They were, I think, 18x24 prints of the enlarged corner of the house). The client offered to send the GC a DWG file but the GC just asked for the PDF. The project involves more than a kitchen remodel and may end up including additions, etc. A little beyond 20/20's capabilities so I offered the sales people to design(perspectives only) what the end project might look like in Chief. I've already designed the kitchen in 20/20 but thought it would be beneficial(or at least good practice for me in Chief) to show the whole completed project. So they had the client send me the DXF file. It will take me a little time to figure out what you posted but I'm on it. I appreciate your taking the time to do so
  6. DJP thank you I'll ask him. He did mention he thought it would come over as a DWG file to begin with.
  7. Ok. Thanks for the insight Chopsaw. The client works with some sort of architectural firm(commercial I think) and I think he is using the firms software. They may have it protected.
  8. Solver-Done. I think. And thank you.
  9. Hello All-New Chief Architect Premier X10 user. I'm a K&B designer and decided to take the leap after 20 years with 20/20. So far I haven't regretted the decision. I have a project I'm working on in which I need to open up a residential home plan in DXF format that was e-mailed to me. The client is using some sort of CAD software though I don't know which one or which version(I've never used CAD). I've followed Chief's 'Using CAD to Walls from Imported DWG/DXF' support page. I've followed the directions verbatim. I've tried changing units of measurement from in. to ft. . I've made sure to select 'Move drawing to the origin in Chief Architect'. However nothing ever populates within the New Plan page. I thought of trying to convert the DXF file into a DWG file but I learned I would need to know more about the original CAD software(version). I should add I'm not that computer savvy. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! Hoover Remodel.dxf