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  1. Kbird1 thank you for advice, I did have the icon on . turned if off and all is good. Really appreciate it, Thanks Bill
  2. hey how do I get all my line "walls & dimensions" to keep getting small the closer I zoom in. It used to be that way but now when I zoom in on a wall or something the line just get real big.
  3. hey guys here is a picture of what my prints look like. all i am doing is making copy to send to different subs. these are not PDF prints. Just seem strange that it only does it on my main level and not the basement. I really do appreciate your guys help and sorry to be a pain in the ---
  4. if this make any since, when I print and used current screen and 100% fit- nothing was upside down but it was a small print. and when I went to current screen and 1/8 scale it was all fine but in 3 pages. I just don't know what i'm doing wrong
  5. now remember the problem is when I print it, All looks fine on the screen but after I print it and look at the print that is when the dimensions are upside down- on the print
  6. Ira PDF 2.pdf , sorry this is the one I was having trouble with. This is the main level, the other one is the basement and it prints just fine
  7. Ira PDF 3.pdf This should be the print that prints upside down
  8. I got the info you were wanting ( I think), plus I hope I got the plan that prints upside down on dimensions. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks BillI
  9. would anyone have an idea of why my wall dimensions are upside down when I print them out. all looks fine on my computer screen but upside down when I print them. also it only does it on my main level and not on basement level. thanks Bill
  10. No I didn't get a warning, should I have?