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  1. Alan, These are incredible. Can you share the file for the modern multi-story condo building and the warehouse project. I'd like to study it. Currently I have studied and set up Preferences and Defaults for my commercial template including the styles for walls, doors, suspended ceiling, and cabinets. Now I'm developing plans for a small Cottage with a stucco exterior and flat roof. Thanks in advance for sharing. Bob Fort Worth, Texas
  2. Is there a symbol for EXISTING electrical and telephone outlets for remodel work I can download? Thanks - Bob Fort Worth, Texas
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    Nicely done Avinash. I'm just starting to learn CA and would like to provide the same for my commercial Clients. All of my work is in office/medical/industrial interiors and space planning. Do you use any special wall and ceiling types for this?
  4. Here are a couple of PDFs. A typical prelim and a set of construction documents. Below are my laptop specs: Dell Precision M6800 i7-4940MX CPU @ 3.10 GHz, 3.30 GHz, 32 GB of RAM, 64-Bit OS, Windows 10 Pro Thanks for looking at this. Bob KRP EXPAN_PERMIT + CONSTRUCTION SET_19-1111.pdf Kimbell Royalty Partners_Rev4_19-0722.pdf
  5. KRP EXPAN_PERMIT + CONSTRUCTION SET_19-1111.pdf Dell Precision M6800 i7-4940MX CPU @ 3.10 GHz, 3.30 GHz, 32 GB of RAM, 64-Bit OS, Windows 10 Pro Kimbell Royalty Partners_Rev4_19-0722.pdf
  6. CA x11 and beyond (hopefully) I want to commit completely to CA after working with AutoCAD Architecture over the past couple of decades. (all 2D with little to no 3D or BIM experience). Very comprehensive, complicated and cumbersome. All my work is commercial office/industrial/medical interior design and construction documentation.(new and 2nd generation remodels for 1,200 SF to 75,000 SF, multi-floor high rise prospects and tenants) I want to start by presenting 3D concepts with keynotes to my Clients while developing a good construction document package that can be issued for Bid, Permit and Construction. Can anyone recommend how I should start the process? This is a big step and commitment so I want to do this right. I understand setting the proper preferences and defaults is at the top of the list. Can I get some guidance on this? Thanks - Bob bobf@rdfinc.com 817 307-1746 Fort Worth, Texas www.rdfinc.com
  7. best practices for getting started?