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  1. I've been using Chief Architect for a couple of years now. I love almost everything about it; the program definitely saves time compared to AutoCAD. I initially bought the program because I saw its drafting and rendering capabilities. I love to see photo realistic renderings and I think Chief has decent rendering capabilities. So my question is has anybody found rendering settings that they use to put out high quality interior and exterior renderings, or settings that they use on a typical basis? I am referencing David Michael Designs as examples of the quality of renderings that I want to make.
  2. Man I love renderings like this. Can you make YouTube videos that show your process of how you achieve styles like this?
  3. I love your renderings. What type of rendering style is this, and do you ever use other programs such as Photoshop to finish off your renderings?
  4. Hello, I believe I did this with a standard gable vaulted ceiling. I used the soffit tool for the beams and then just placed can lights in the soffits. You'd probably have to adjust the heights of the soffit and the can lights in the dialog boxes to get the look you're after. I think I rendered it around 300 passes to get the finished rendering. I try to avoid any post production work. Ideally I want to finish everything in CA. AC
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I'll definitely try this when I get home and let you know how it turns out.
  6. Hello, I am new to chief. I was wondering how I can create joints on my stucco facade to simulate stress or relief lines like in the image below? I am trying to achieve a modern look for my house.
  7. Here's a detail that I drew to go along with the project. I also attached an elevation view as well. I don't think It's that difficult to make; I just need to represent it in 3D form as it's shown in the detail.
  8. Can't it be done with the 3D tools? I've seen some of the things that you can make with Chief Architect, they seem so complicated and detailed that something like this shouldn't be to difficult to make. I don't need them to be operable in the model, I just have to show something similar to this in finished 3D renderings.
  9. I am new to Chief Architect, so I wanted to know if something like this is able to be done in the program.