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  1. NewLeafHomeDesig

    How to edit object type to sort exhaust fans between schedules

    Ahh. I am still in X11 at the moment. Good to know this has been fixed!
  2. I like to use separate schedules for my electrical and light fixtures schedules. The trouble is that when I select "other" object types to go into the Electrcial schedule with outlets & switches, exhaust fans without lights go to the Electrical schedule, but exhaust fans with lights go to the light fixture schedule. Is there a way to edit what type of object the fan is so the two types of exhaust can be sorted together?
  3. NewLeafHomeDesig

    Door locks in door schedule

    I would like to indicate whether interior doors have a privacy lock or not in the door schedule. I have been doing this by selecting the "Interior lock" in the door specification dialog, but that adds a deadbolt to the object in 3D. Is there a better way to indicate locking for interior doors in the schedule?
  4. NewLeafHomeDesig

    How to change 2D symbol for library object

    Thank you! I didn't think the CAD block I wanted was in the options, but it just wasn't named in a way I could identify. I've got it done now!
  5. I would like to edit or change the 2D symbol for a library object- specifically a ceiling down light. I know how to create a new libarary object, but I'd prefer to just edit a copy of an existing object and give it a new 2D symbol. How do you get your own content into the "available CAD Blocks" when you "open symbol" for an object and select the 2D block dialog for an existing object?
  6. NewLeafHomeDesig

    Editing revision table?

    Wow! Who knew. Thanks!
  7. NewLeafHomeDesig

    Editing revision table?

    Is there any way to edit the revisions listed in the Revision Table? It seems like once I add a layout revision, there is no way to edit it or remove it. I can delete the table completely, but then if I add a new one all of the revisions I added in the past are still there.
  8. NewLeafHomeDesig

    redline drawings during online meeting?

    Thanks! The sounds like a good way to go, and I'll check out zoomit too!
  9. NewLeafHomeDesig

    redline drawings during online meeting?

    What is the best way to "sketch" over a floor plan during a video conference, sharing my screen with a client or consultant? Occasionally it would be handy to be able to do a sketch the way I would use tracing paper during a live meeting. Can you do that directly within Chief? or would it be better to use a pdf and software that allows you to draw over the pdf?
  10. NewLeafHomeDesig

    Plans from X6 into Room Planner?

    I use Chief Architect X6 on my PC in the office. I would love to be able to view plans from Chief using Sojurn in Room Planner. Can you do that, or would I have to create the designs in Room Planner itself?