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  1. You can try to zip it, but if its still too big do save as and delete a bunch of the things not relevant to your question such as cabinets or what have you till you have a small enough file size.
  2. I would love to see if the more experienced folks here have a more elegant solution as I run into this problem with my coworker's drawings. But until we hear from them, when you go to save a plan there's an option two down from "Save As" called "Backup Entire Plan." Using this will save your plan to a folder along with all the textures currently used in the file. If you copy that folder to your other machines when you switch, you shouldn't get that error message anymore. These folders do get kind of large sometimes, but the only other way to do it is to make sure your libraries all match. When you import a new library item you have to make sure you put it everywhere you use the plan.
  3. I'm sure there's lots of answers to this question. The way I do it is by putting a temporary point on the template page and then point to point move a corner of the building to that point on every page.
  4. Any suggestions on how to show drywall on the bottom of this gable wall?
  5. No change with sub fascia adjustment. It appears to be the ceiling plane that is extending out over the wall for some reason.
  6. Soffit on left is low and I don't know why.
  7. Why doe the right wall snap back when I drag the front wall over to meet it?
  8. Thank you all. DZ the break and reverse worked quickly and perfectly.
  9. I want one wall to extend 2" beyond another at an intersection but it always snaps back to create a 90 degree corner.
  10. How do you show the elevation of each terrain/contour line without opening it? I would like to see the elevation of each contour line in plan view.
  11. How can I show a square baluster mounted to the outside of a 2x4 top and bottom rail?
  12. Thanks Joe. The work around was to install an 1/8" tall drawer on the bottom of the cabinet under the oven.
  13. I have a base cabinet with a single oven appliance in it - the auto cabinet label will not display on the floor plan nor will the cabinet appear in the cabinet schedule(include in schedule is checked). If I remove the appliance the label appears on the floor plan and in the cabinet schedule. I would like the label to appear on the floor plan and in the schedule. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I need the rail to land on the center of the wall at the landing but keep all the drywall in the same plane from bottom of the stair to exterior wall. See attached please.
  15. How do you create a true 45 deg./ angled wall corner cabinet? Angled corner cabinet.pdf
  16. Not seeing these options. I'm in X6. I ended up dropping a soffit in as a square newel. What about a lower rail on stairs? Now the balusters go from tread to upper rail instead of lower rail to upper rail.
  17. On many deck stairs using composite rails intermediate posts are required for longer runs. How do you show a newel post at the halfway point of a staircase?