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  1. Whebn I select an icon the screen freezes and I have to press ESC to unfreeze
  2. I'm having all sorts of problems lately, my latest is I can't print to PDF from CA, I can print everything else but not layout sheets from CA-6. I think it may be a windows issue. I'm using Windows 10 and I'm not impressed. I can't print anything to my printer, so I connected it to another computer and usually email the PDF to it and copy off hard copies from it Thanks RC
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    I just reloading X6 and only part of the core library loaded. where do I go to reload library Thanks Rcarter
  4. Here's what I get with a 3D and shadows
  5. I appears that the rendering is too dark and not very crisp..For my purpose I can just add shadows to a 3D shot. However, I would like to do some good renderings for my better designs ( on my site )
  6. However I'm not impressed with the raytracing..Can someone help me with the setting. My system consists of Asus motherboard Prime B250-A 16 GB Ram EVGA Geforce 1060 Graphic Card Kingston V400 Series 240GB SSD Intel Core i7-7700 4.2 Ghz Processor PS...this is all Dutch to me Thanks RC
  7. Works great..just print screen ,paste, crop, save as jpeg to picture file 3 Steps compared to about 10 with vista
  8. When I get everything loaded and set up I'll try to do one
  9. I just purchased a new computer and am setting up CA and other programs tonight. So I'm basically learning CA all over again. So here's my first question of several I expect to be posting over the next couple of days...I do some renderings..before I would print screen..click Paint.. paste...cut ...don't save....paste ..save as and file it..What is the process now. I'm using CA 6 and I went from vista to windows 10. Like I said this is the first of several questions I will be posting as I set up CA
  10. I'm looking to buy a new system, It,s been 10 years and Vista is no longer supported by MS. What is a good PC,what should I be looking for re: Ram, hard drive, processor, video card etc. It doesn't have to be the latest and greatest...just good. Rcarter
  11. I basically selected each items and keep clicking select and delete.. But why did there items copy so many times. It was 5 units and the last units had about 25 copies of each item which decreased as I got closer to first unit. Anyway Thanks for all the help
  12. Where do I see the # of copies and is there a way to delete without individually deleting them
  13. I'm working on a 10 unit condo and my computer is very slow but only when on this file. I keep getting a memory warning. I checked the properties and it's size is 11.5 MB this is twice what other projects are ( even when finished ). Because its a simple inline building I've used copy and paste a lot. Is there something I'm not aware of that's causing this I'm using CA-6Thank RCarter Colonial-10_unit_condo.plan
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    I can see it in Full Overview but not in elevations
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    Yes..go to Atrium windows and creat a sunroom
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    How come atriums don't display in elevations RCarter
  17. Mouse is totally gone rogue. it only happens in CA..Settings are set for left button but right button seems to be controlling everything. Its a Logitect M305
  18. Hi, I;m using X6. My left button on my mouse is selecting but not dragging. I have tried with a different mouse..same result. Everything was working OK and just started to go south Roger
  19. What are the steps to export a plan to an autocad user so he can basically edit it, do rendering etc. thanks RCarter
  20. Mainly single units and duplexs
  21. Looking for someone in Canada (because of currency exchange) to do quality rendering . Get back to me with sample of work and cost. I will provide plan file Roger
  22. OK...If I export the 3DS what can the Autocad user see at the other end...Can he rotate house??? use diff. textures and colours??? RC
  23. Joey I don't see a 3ds in the drop down
  24. This Autocad user wants to take my plan file are do his own renderings.. is this even possible RC